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Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! - Dr. Seuss

I THINK this book is wonderful, like all Dr. Seuss books. Oh, The Thinks You Can Think is perfect for beginning readers. The sentences are short and easy and the rhymes are witty and fun. The story speaks directly to the reader and leaves us with the message that you can think up anything if you just try! Dr. Suess' silly made-up words and whimsical illustrations always make for an entertaining and engaging read. Oh, The Thinks You Can Think encourages children to not only use their imagination, but to explore the world around them!


I discovered a fun game that would be great to play after reading this book. The game is called "The Imagination Game." Students pull out an object from the "thinker box" and act out what they imagine the prop could be. The box could include things such as a paintbrush, a paper bag, cardboard tubes, or just any little thing you want to throw in. I think the game would be a great way to get students moving, interacting, and using their creative thinking skills! 


Recommended for Ages: 5-7

Lexile Level: 360L