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Have You Seen My Hat?

I Want My Hat Back - Jon Klassen

 A bear has lost his hat. It's small and red and pointy and he wants it back. In search of his hat, he begins to question each animal he encounters. "Have you seen my hat?", the bear continues to ask. The bear thinks that he will never get his hat back, until he realizes that he has seen it somewhere. Jon Klassen's, I Want My Hat Back, is simple, hilarious, and engaging. This is one of my son's favorite books, a story that we have read over and over again. During my Kindergarten observations, the teacher read this book to her students using different voices to depict each character, and the students LOVED it. The story makes students feel as if they are in on one big joke, and they truly get a kick out of it.  


I would use I Want My Hat Back to teach about inferences with my students. What clues from the story can we use to figure out what the text has not told us? 


Lexile Level: 230L